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The Future Stars program is designed to be a bridge between our recreational program and our competitive program. The program is only available to girls born in 2015/2016 & boys born in 2016 who want to take their game to the next level.



The focus of the Future Stars program is to prepare players for our competitive program. Our emphasis is on technical development, individual confidence with the ball, and putting them in an environment to expose them to the different components of the game. The program will have a licensed, experienced director and 3 coaches that will introduce these concepts through a set curriculum.

We hope to create the love for the game while also giving them the necessary tools they will need to be successful in our competitive program.

OXYGEN CLUBDirector: Julio Goncalves

  • The program runs from Sept-May (9-months)
  • The cost of the program is $1,575 (includes uniforms)
  • The max number of players to be selected will be 30 boys and 30 girls
  • The trainings will be 3 days a week, 1 hour and 15 minutes per session
  • The training sessions will be circuit training with player:coach ratio of 10:1
  • The games will be played Saturday/Sunday mornings
  • The games are in house and the format is 5v5 without keepers
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